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Remember the joy of having time to share with people? Time to play, to laugh, to let go and relax, to grow close and enjoy the things you love. A time for all of you. Natural and beautiful, few places leave impressions on the mind quite like the Santa Marina Retreat, inspiring you to create moments that will last forever. Discover yourself today at the Santa Marina Retreat and create memories as unique as you...
History (Living the Dream)
You'll often see a solitary figure standing watching the horses, practising on the track or encouraging the young jockeys… this is Mr. Elias Onoufriou, the owner of Santa Marina Retreat which incorporates the Elias Racing Stables.
As a young man he had enjoyed watching horse races and by the mid 1980s he realised how much he wanted to create his own stables and stud farm on the land he had bought in Parekklisia. In grand style he chartered an aircraft which brought 37 horses to Cyprus from the UK.
The stables have become the island's largest stud farm. Mr. Elias still travels to the Nicosia Race Course twice weekly to watch his racehorses in action. He is a popular figure and his horses have won countless trophies including the prestigious Cyprus Derby and the St Ledger trophies three times.
In early 2007, his son Christian began creating the Santa Marina Retreat as a unique place where family, friends and business colleagues could enjoy time together and a range of sports and activities in beautiful countryside in the environment of a working farm.
As one visitor recently remarked it is like 'a little piece of heaven'.

Τηλέφωνα επικοινωνίας: 99-535000, 99-545454
Ιστοσελίδα: www.santamarinaretreat.com

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